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Monday, October 24, 2005

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

A desperate young man plans the perfect crime- the murder of a despicable pawnbroker, an old woman no one loves and whom no one will mourn. Is it not just, he reasons, for a man of genius to commit such a crime, to transgress moral law if it will ultimately benefit humanity? So begins one of the greatest novels ever written: a powerful psychological study, a terrifying murder mystery, a fascinating detective thriller infused with philosophical, religious, and social commentary.


  • The fictional novel Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky focuses on the physiological aspects of crime and punishment. The novel follows a young student living in St. Petersburg, Russia in the late 1860s. The young man, named Raskolnikov, plans and commits the murder of an old pawnbroker. Before, during, and after the crime he explores the reasoning to commit a crime and that crime’s ramifications.
    For me the novel was often times slow and in the first few chapters it was boring. But when I sat down and read more of it thoroughly it was incredibly interesting. Some of the points made about crime and the main character’s ideas are entirely crazy but they make you think outside of the box. The novel was unlike anything I have ever read. It was slow but descriptive and intriguing. I cannot relate it to anything but I would say it is definitely a physiological thriller. If you willing to spend the time and read thoroughly the novel is definitely worth reading. But if you do read it, be aware that it is not a quick read and I would try to keep a log of different characters to keep them straight in your mind.

    By Blogger maryh, at 6:27 PM  

  • Crime and Punishment
    By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    This was a fiction book.

    Crime and Punishment explores the psychological and external relationship between crime and punishment. The main character lives through poverty and feels superior and secluded from the other people living in St. Peterburg. After commiting the crime that begins the novel, he faces family troubles, internal struggles, and avoids the legal consequences of his actions.

    In my opinion this book was very intellectual and really gave me a lot to think about. I don't think I will forget this book due to time it took to read and understand the content.

    I have never read a book like this before so I can't really relate it to anything.

    For those people who like long books that require a little bit more time, Crime and Punishment is not only long but also quite challenging. I would recommend this to both girls and boys who are looking for a difficult, but really good book. It was worth the time.

    By Blogger Suzanne C, at 6:33 PM  

  • Crime and Punishment is a well respected book that has a reputation that precedes itself, perhaps too much. This novel has an intriguing title, a very enticing idea, and many opinions that regard it as one of the world’s finest pieces of literature. The real crime comes from the all too heavily added dose of hype surrounding this novel. This was not the story I was expecting to read. Summaries that I heard before I read included the intensity of the unknown expected in a murder thriller. The intensity level projected into this book vastly overestimates the lack of meat inside the binding. The quickness with which the murders happened in the story took me by surprise. Barely into the book, we know the details on who, what, when, where, and how pertaining to the murder. That was rather disappointing but I read on to see where any potential twists may occur. To my dismay, the greatest conflict regarding the murders is completely internal. No wrong suspicions, backstabbing, or confusingly random murders to throw off detectives who seem to be closing in on a scared and naïve protagonist. No, throughout the novel the suspense is transferred from the unknown killer that enticed me to read, to the empty conflict of will he turn himself in and do the right thing. This book was rather disappointing in that aspect. It was well written and a decently exciting story but simply does not have the same impact I expected it to when I picked the novel.

    By Blogger Luke, at 8:04 AM  

  • Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    This is a fiction book.

    This book is about a poor student named raskolnikov in St. Petersburg, Russia. The plot revolves around his murder of an old woman and his inner battle to deal with it. The plot is further complicated when his mother and sister come to live with him.

    This book is in my opinion wordy. It has many touching and moving parts especially near the last third of the book. At several parts I found myself quite moved and on the verge of tears. However, it is a long two thirds to get to there. The book many times can be rather slow and I had a hard time staying awake reading parts of it. This book is like the Beethoven piece I am listening to as I write this. It is complex, thought provoking and complex but, if you do not actively listen to it you may fall asleep.

    I would recommend this book to anyone that feels they have the ability and time to actually sit down and take time to read it. It is not like some of the other choices on the list that can be blown through in a couple of sittings. It is a wonderful book if one has the patience to devote their attention and time to read it.

    Some advice when reading this book would be to evenly space out the amount to read it so you are not left the last week of the project with 200 pages to read. You should also set aside time to read the book, preferably not before bed as it can put you to sleep. If you give yourself ample time to read the book and devote your attention to it, it can be a very rewarding book.

    By Blogger PatrickK, at 9:09 PM  

  • Crime and Punishment was a pshycological novel that was at times very thrilling and very slow.
    This book is meant for students who enjoy thinking deeper and predicting what is going to happen in the novel. The novel has an overall interesting plots that is full of twists and turns. However, it takes about a 100 pages to unveil those twists and turns.
    The novel is about a man named Rashkolnkov who murders two people in the novel. Through the novel it shows the mental deteriation that he goes through and how he deals with his guilt.
    The novel also envolves many other subplots in it that normally involve romance. These relationships are very intersting and make the book move a little faster.
    The book also has many important internal and external conflicts in the story. The story was set in Russia in a very poor city where people did not have a lot of money. Many time people were depressed in the novel and turned to alcohol to drink their problems away.
    The novel also was a very hard book to read. It featured a lot of advanced vocanbulary which made the book harder to understand. The book is also hard to keep up with because it has so many details within it that you have to keep track of. These details make the book interesting but is you can't remeber them it can make the book seem very confusing.

    By Blogger Kirsten Olson, at 1:46 PM  

  • Crime and Punishment
    By Fyodor Dostoevsky

    Crime and Punishment, a fictional work by Fyodor Dostoevsky, portrays the psychological inner battle confronted by Raskolnikov, a young, poverty stricken St. Petersburg native guilt-ridden due to a double-murder he committed and attempted to justify.
    In the novel, Raskolnikov, murders an old female pawnbroker in an effort to both gain wealth and rid the world of a morally despicable women who uses the plight of St. Petersburg’s poor for her own financial gain. The majority of the novel focuses primarily on the mental journey Raskolnikov takes as the author explores his views on the natural guilt psyche of criminals and the voyage they take from the time of the crime they commit to the inevitable downfall they bring about themselves. The author does find a way, however to weave fascinating social and philosophical commentary as well as moral and ethical questions throughout the novel. These combined with the thrilling main plot combine for a gripping novel that does not disappoint beginning to end.
    This book does not fail in living up to its lofty recognition as an international legend. Its main story and subplots are interesting, and it does well to connect to the psychological condition of every common man who sins and must live with the guilt caused by knowing he has done wrong. This motif found throughout the novel has influenced numerous other books, plays and movies, as it is such a famous work.
    Crime and Punishment is a must-read for anyone willing to accept the difficulty of such a strenuous read, but would particularly be well suited for anyone with an extended interest in criminal justice or human psychology. My only advice for anyone undertaking the book as an independent reading project would be to not read the novel lackadaisically but rather focus intently while reading and keep a journal detailing among other things, a list of the numerous unfamiliar Russian names of characters found in the novel.

    By Blogger Andrew C, at 10:16 PM  

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