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Monday, October 24, 2005

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

A novel about love and marriage among the English country gentry of Austen’s day. The hero’s pride and in his social class conflicts with the heroine’s prejudice against him based on first impression.


  • This is a great romance novel, that i would highly reccomend for this project. Although the first couple of chapters are hard to get into, once the story gets into the juicy romances, its hard to put the book down. The story is about two sisters whose mother wants them to marry rich men so that they will not live poorly once their father dies. When a extremely suitable man comes into town, the mother jumps on the chance to set him up with her eldest daughter. The two end up meeting at a dance and falling in love, all the while her sister Elizabeth is being wooed by the man's friend, who is falling head over heels in love with her. Elizabeth is a woman who wants to find a man who loves her and will not accepts anything less. The book basically describes all of the misshaps with love the family encounters and especially portrays the strange love affair between Elziabeth and her suitor.I really enjoyed reading this book and would highly reccomend it. I didn't have any trouble finding motifs and themes that went with this book. If you want to read a heart warming love story, then this is the book for you.

    By Blogger EAug, at 5:25 PM  

  • Pride and Prejudice
    By: Jane Austen
    This fictional novel is about the consequences of pride and prejudice toward others and about overcoming deceitful first appearances.

    This romantic novel takes place in 19th century England where status, reputation, and marriage are everything. Elizabeth Bennet, the second of five sisters, has to find a husband before her father dies and their estate is entailed away. Mr. Darcy, a wealthy, high-status man comes to the neighborhood and is disliked by everyone because of his pride and arrogance. The two characters painfully discover the consequences of judging others by first appearances and they each learn to overcome their pride and prejudice. Each character grows individually and they ultimately fall in love and grow together.

    I really loved this book and it is great for those who love romantic stories with a happy ending. Some parts of the book are really slow, but it’s worth reading through to get to the alluring, adorable, romantic parts. There are a lot of themes in this book that are good for writing the paper and good for the overall project. Use Sparknotes or some other source to find motifs, symbols, and themes before reading the book, so you know what to look for. Give yourself plenty of time to read the book because the plot is pretty complicated and hard to understand if you don’t read the whole thing. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! – Good luck!

    This is an awesome romantic novel that is well written and funny at times. It makes you think twice before judging others and instills a lesson worth learning. If you give yourself plenty of time this book works really well for this project.

    By Blogger Briana B., at 8:39 PM  

  • A review of Pride and Prejudice, a novel by Jane Austen

    It’s the very first time two people have been introduced. They meet through a mutual friend, or just by coincidence. When they meet, they form opinions about each other based on their first impressions. These first impressions may cause them to like, dislike, or even hate the person they have met. Has this happened to you? It sure happened to me! And it happened to Elizabeth Bennet, the protagonist of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. When the wealthy Mr. Bingley comes to the countryside in England, all the girls fall for his charms. His friend, Mr. Darcy, is the less fortunate of the two. His looks may win the eyes of the girls, but his arrogance proceeds him, and the girls form an opinion of him based upon it. Elizabeth Bennet has the “good fortune” of experiencing his pride first hand. She begins to think of him as the most selfish man in the entire world. But, Mr. Bingley and her sister, Jane, fall into hopeless attraction. To the disgust of both parties, they must meet on several occasions. Through the course of these meetings, Mr. Darcy decides that Elizabeth is an outspoken, haughty young woman who cannot hold her tongue. Elizabeth believes Mr. Darcy to be a prideful, arrogant man who is above his company and self absorbed. But, with the departure of Mr. Bingley, Mr. Darcy, and their party to London, Jane is left heartbroken over the loss of her love. What are the two sisters to do?!?

    In her novel, Austen asserts that first impressions are not everything, and that every person can be changed by their experiences. First impressions are simply what a person can deduce from one meeting: the looks, actions, and reactions of a person. First impressions are often false because:
    -A person’s true intentions are not known.
    -It impossible to give a life story in one evening.
    -A person cannot reveal their secrets, dreams, etc. in one evening.
    -People may be shy, nervous, stressed out, or otherwise out of character.
    Here is real life proof that first impressions are not everything! A person who I believed on first meeting to be inconsiderate, domineering, rude, and otherwise a selfish, prideful person is now my best friend, and one of the nicest people I have ever had the fortune of knowing. (*If they read this, I apologize, but I think they knew this already. ^_~*) This example follows Austen’s opinion that a first impression can often be mistaken and through the course of knowing people, more can be known about them. And maybe, in order to understand the basic character of a person, it may take a second, third, fourth, or even fifth impression! Sometimes the people who become the greatest of friends, are the ones who make an awful first impression. People often put up walls to hide their feelings and intentions, but with a little camaraderie, those walls come right down. Through her novels, Austen depicts life through the interpersonal relationships between people, though they are somewhat over dramatized. For everyone like me who resembles a housewife and is not afraid to admit they love soap operas and romance novels, read this book! For everyone who loves a story about a female protagonist who can speak her mind and will not let men get her down, read this book! For everyone who just loves a good story about character interaction, read this book! When your friends in Honors English praise this book to the point where you want to pull out your hair because you don’t understand why they love it so much, I have a solution: stop questioning their love affair with the book, pick it up, and read it! For everyone who has ever had a misguided first impression, join me and all my friends in Honors English who sign the praises of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. You will understand, like all of us, just how wrong first impressions can be. And I promise you will not be disappointed in your choice. ^_^

    Some last minute advice for the Independent Reading Project:
    -Read this book. (Duh.)
    -Read the book during the first two or three weeks. The chapters are relatively short, so this task is not difficult.
    -If you know people, or know of people, who have the same last name as characters in the book, do not visualize them in British officer’s uniforms or try to figure out if you could ever see them as a clergyman. And furthermore why said person would marry a twit.
    -Do not spend so much time focusing on how some characters are self-absorbed and otherwise mean spirited, it will only make your head hurt.
    -Do not spend the chief of your time contemplating what, other than money and a name, makes rich people think they are so great. It will make you mad, and then you will be sad that you do not own an estate in England.
    -When people get proposed to, do not get so into the story that you yell at the character and demand that they get married.
    -Do not let first impressions deceive you. Not in real life either.
    -The paper sounds hard, but it really is not. Find a niche, and explore it completely.
    -While I think the book, its symbols, themes, motifs, etc. are fairly easy to understand, Sparknotes can be helpful. But, do not start a “soap opera book club” with your friends and do carbon copy reports.
    -The project is really fun, so enjoy it! ^_^
    -PS. Do not procrastinate, you will regret it…

    By Blogger Deanna L., at 7:42 AM  

  • Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice details the quest of one particular family to marry its five daughters before the death of the father forces the remaining single women out of their house without income or shelter. As the novel’s crucial focus, the characters constantly pursue prudent marriages in the hope that they will overcome adverse familial circumstances. The main characters’ love quests are complicated and filled with drama. The novel at first seems slow, but the falling action and resolution occur rapidly; it is hard to put down after the climax. The lives of the characters intricately entwine for an ending that resolves various conflicts over pride, prejudice, and love. A very heartwarming story, it resembles romantic-comedy movies of today like Bridgett Jones Diary. I absolutely loved the book. After hearing of its merit, I read it but did not find it to be all it was described. However, after pursuing the project and dissecting the relationships and motivations for characters, I realized its greatness in pertaining to today. The characters seem slightly old-fashioned in their behaviors towards each other, but they challenge the gender and social roles of nineteenth century England, especially Elizabeth. The novel explores the importance of rank, class, and wealth in accordance to love and marriage. Throughout the novel, the characters make judgments and decisions that end in either disastrous consequences or profitable benefits. The novel lacks a lot of symbols, but contains several themes and motifs, often obvious and easy to track. It is a fairly easy novel to dissect and analyze. It also has a lot of conversation between characters, so it is an easy read. Any reader interested in a wholesome and romantic story lacking various abstract symbols and confusing plots should choose this novel.

    By Blogger kellyb, at 7:34 PM  

  • Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, is a romantic story set in the 19th century, which is somewhat of a contradiction. In a time when marriages were arranged for the convenience of either name or money, Elizabeth Bennet defied society and refused to marry unless she found love. As the story progresses, it becomes apparent that newcomer Mr. Darcy is that man. Unfortunately, their relationship started out badly. Elizabeth hated Darcy, not only for his arrogance, but also because he insulted her shortly after he met her. Darcy proceeded to spend the rest of the book attempting to convince Elizabeth to marry him.

    Pride and Prejudice is certainly worth reading, but it is slightly less eventful than most summaries would have you believe. Most of the other characters besides Elizabeth and Darcy are so concerned with appearences that they refuse to have any personality at all. It seems that Elizabeth and Darcy are the only characters with any fire in them. If the two of them aren't having a conversation, then the excitement disappears and the book centers on meaningless gossip. Despite this, the book is enjoyable. If you like old-fashioned romances and you're in the mood for an amusing relationship and a happy ending, then Pride and Prejudice would be a good book to read.

    By Blogger Katie, at 4:37 PM  

  • Pride and Prejudice
    Jane Austen

    The book is a love story, the Bennet girls and their quest for suitors. Their are many complications and men that come in and out of their lives. For most of the story you follow Elizabeth and her sister Jane and their trials and challenges in love.

    This book is a very good book once you get use to the language and you get far enough into the story. This book is really reminded me of some tv show high school drama.(Lying, back stabbing, love, marriage, secret marriage, all that stuff.) Only it is set in the 1800's so it's less complicated as far as being technologically advanced.

    I believe most girls who enjoy the soap opera/ drama tv shows as I already mentioned or anyone who likes love stories/more realistic fairy tales will enjoy this book.

    I suggest that if you read this book force yourself to read the begining until you find it interesting. Once you like the book will want to continue reading it, but if you take a long time to read the begining I bet you won't even finish/want to finish the book.

    By Blogger Anya, at 9:08 PM  

  • Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen is a romantic fiction novel, which entails the story of the Bennet girls, Elizabeth and Jane in their quest to find the perfect husband. While on their quest they battled through social class differences and pride. In the end, love overruled these complications.

    Pride and Prejudice is heart warming story that I fell in love with after the first few chapters. The hardest part of reading this novel is the constant presentation of new characters. This makes it hard to remember them when they are mentioned later on. Also, adjusting to the language was quite difficult, but after reading the first few chapters it became eaiser, so just stick through it.

    The context of Pride and Prejudice is full of gossip in regards to different men & women. This book often reminded me of all the reality t.v. shows because of the constant gossiping and also, the random obstacles that are placed in front of them.

    If you enjoy reading predictable love stories, you would love this book. Also, if you enjoy the reality & soap opera type t.v. shows they are very similar, therefore an interest would be formed.

    By Blogger Katie T., at 6:21 PM  

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