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Monday, October 24, 2005

Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx

Written with Friedrich Engles as the official platform of the International Communist League; this short book expresses Marx’s belief in the inevitability of conflict between social classes and calls on the workers of the world to unite.


  • I found this book to be an interesting read for which a project on it is impossible. The book is one mans political views of what government should be and has no plot. Without a plot it is very hard to find a conclusion and exposition. I would recommend this book for an interesting read but not for this class.

    By Blogger jasone, at 9:07 AM  

  • The Communist Manifesto was a very interesting read for me. Personally I am very liberal and found myself very willing to see Marx's ideas in a bright light. And as stated before me, simply writing a report on The Communist Manifesto will not suffice. I choose to apply Marxist theory to the situation between America and Mexico concerning the EZLN and NAFTA. I was aware of this before reading this so that certainly helped. If you are able to connect this novel to recent events or something outside of the typical communist Russia argument, you will be able to write a well formed political essay. Otherwise, if you are reading this for sheer pleasure, you have much to relish in. Marxist theory is key to national affairs today and of the past. Knowing what is taught in this book is an important part of a healthy education.

    By Blogger Mike K, at 9:19 PM  

  • The Communist Manifesto is a compilation of Karl Marx's views on social classes. His views aim towards a society without classes or any form of government. The book points out many of the problems that were encountered during the industrial revolution. The division of classes between the bourgeois (wage laborers) and the proletarians (wage workers), has caused the differences in ideals and laws due to sex, race and religion. Marx points out that his utopia will only happen if the working class unites at the same time in a fully industrialized nation to form one revolution without a government. This is called communism.

    I personally found the book to be very informative considering Karl Marx was a political genius. The book however was very repetitive because Marx would constantly give the same idea of repression with different word usage or an introduction to a new way the class was being repressed.

    The Communist Manifesto was a good introduction into politics for me because that is one thing that I want to study in college. Before reading the book I had already knew about Marx’s ideas and how he felt about communism. While reading the book I could remember things that I had already learned from past semesters. I do not recommend this book to people who do not understand the facts of world history and what was going on during the time that or if they are not ready to question authority or political ideologies that you have been brought up with.

    By Blogger shawn, at 2:11 PM  

  • It was interesting hearing the views of Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto. Marx was trying to convince the working class of all nations to overthrown their oppressors. Marx explains about the flaws in other socialist writing, as well as communists with other political parties.

    I do not agree with his views however, I found it very repetitive. The book is aimed more towards someone who is in the lower class of a country in its industrial revolution. Being a conservative, I found Marx’s beliefs impractical. Since communism only helps the lower class, who does not have the moral to work hard, and it hurts the hard working citizens of each country. It was many years before there was the first attempt on a communist revolution, in Russia. If you look at it now, Russia has done away with communism because it doesn’t work. The Communist Manifesto is a short book, but it is full of many ideas, which allows you to be creative in your project.

    By Blogger MattF, at 1:13 PM  

  • The book Communist Manifesto for me was extremely intriguing. We have all learned about the evil communist manifesto from our parents, teachers, and propaganda. But for the first time I was actually able to read it for myself, and see first hand what communism is about. Although I do not agree with all of Karl Marx ideals, I found allot of his observation were very valid, I just don’t agree on how to solve most of them. This book was an easy read because it was only about 55 pages, it was very simple to find the vocabulary words, because practically every other word in that book I had never herd before, and it was also some what exciting to actually read it. However because the book lacked plot and literary elements the project was some what frustrating, basically the book is a 55 page rant on how disgusting Karl Mark finds capitalism. Besides that aspect the rest of the project was not as hard, plus a great excuse to burn things ;). Over all I thought this book was a good one to read for this project and would suggest if for another student.

    By Blogger Jean<->Paul, at 7:39 PM  

  • The Communist Manifesto was quite a different read for me. I have never read a philosophical book but I enjoyed fully enjoyed it. It was great to finally understand the other side of Communism. We have always grown up under the impression that Communism is bad because of Hitler and Stalin’s rule as leaders. But the real Communism’s beliefs back in that era seem some what relevant. During that time with so much poverty working as a group to improve the whole society kind of made since. I did find the book to be long and kind of hard to read. It didn’t have a plot or a story line it just had some guys opinion about his present world. Although I was a little difficult to do this project with this book I would still recommend it because of its wonderful education it has to offer.

    By Blogger Ericfinley, at 8:58 PM  

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