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Monday, October 24, 2005

Candide by Voltaire (French, 1666)

Ribald novel of a naïve young man who, through a series of outrageous adventures, learns that this may not be the “best of all possible worlds,” as his optimistic tutor had taught him.


  • Candide by Voltaire

    The theme of this book is the search for "the best of all worlds."

    Throughout this book Candide and his friends experience many misfortunes. They all end up living on a farm in Constantinople.
    I thought that this book was funny at times. I had a hard time following it however. People kept appering out of nowhere and I got lost. I would say that over all it was a good book. For this project it is the perfect length and it is easy to work with. I feel that this book was a good read and I was able to read the whole thing with out much difficulty.

    I STRONGLY suggest that you do not wait until the last night to do this project. It takes a long time and requires alot of thought. I also suggest that you read this book, the whole book.

    By Blogger SarahR, at 9:43 AM  

  • Candide by voltaire

    It is a romantic tale of a man who gives up everything and goes on many adventures in order to find his true love.This young man faces alot of adversity and many problems along the way. for all you ladies, this book should intrest you because it is a love story, but for you guyus, dont worry there is plenty of killing...plus some monkeys. The question of "what gains a man happiness, love or money?" is frequently asked through Candide adventures, and is eventually answered in the end.

    This was a great book. it was easy to read and hard to put down.

    I strongly suggest reading Candide for this project, it is short and easy to read, leaving you more time to finish all the tough work.

    By Blogger kelan h., at 1:02 PM  

  • Candide by Voltaire

    Candide is the story of an illegitimate nephew of a German baron, who is forced from the castle in which he calls home, which leads him to an adventure that is unrivaled. Candide troubles both begin and end with love, with many twists thrown into the plot along the way.

    I thought that the book was easy to read due to the fact that throughout the entire novel there was some sort of action going on, so you weren’t put to sleep with useless dialog and meaningless narration. Candide is a great book to read for the independent study project due to the fact that it isn’t to long and also most of the elements needed for the project are presented throughout the book.

    So in all, if you are looking for a novel that has some action and adventure to it, and also so love story for the ladies, I would recommend reading Candide for your EWL Independent study project.

    By Blogger Michael S., at 8:55 PM  

  • The book i read was Candide by Voltaire which is a fictional novel. It was about Candide's trials and tribulations on his journey to find his love Cunegonde. It proves how strong his love is by the harships he is put through. Also, the main theme is optimism and how everything is in "the best of all possible worlds". I really liked it becuase it was funny, entertaining, and had many adventures in it. i also liked the love story because it proves how strong love can be. Candide reminds me of the movie Aladin. Aladin would do anything to be with Jasmine and i think that is what Candide felt like also. This book would be the best for women becuase it is such a love story. I would put it in the category of a "chick flick" because of its loving content. I would suggest reading the novel all at once. it is a short book and the reader will understand it better if its read at the same time.

    By Blogger klong, at 2:08 PM  

  • Candide was a book full of adventure. The characters in the book went through everything from an earthquake to being a slave. Even though the life-threatening adventures Candide went through were demented and hard to survive, Candide lived for Cunegonde. This book was action filled but also a love story, because Candide’s goal was to marry Cunegonde no matter what he went through.
    My opinion of Candide is that it was entertaining. I don’t think there was one part of the book that I wasn’t interested. It kept you wondering what was going to happen next. It was also an easy read. This book was perfect for me because it was shorter then others and also understood. It made the project uncomplicated and less difficult for me to create. This book reminded me of Pirates of the Carribean, lots of adventure, sword fighting, and love (I'm pretty sure there was no pirates though) All in all, I think this book fits everyone. The boys would like the adventure and the girls would like the love story.

    By Blogger JulieC, at 11:12 AM  

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